Rod adds to thoughts. "I think we realised that doing two minute, three chord, shouting up and down songs really had a short life span. I mean there's going to be another band coming out and doing that every five minutes and we had to change we realised we didn't necessarily have to stand on the distortion
pedals. I think that only just before this album did we realise how we wanted
to sound. When we started writing songs for this new album we were getting frustrated because they weren't really that good. We realised quite quickly
that when we were recording live that the new-found confidence that we got
from the live shows had been misplaced. We had to really work hard and practice a lot with writing songs and just playing and a couple of months
before the album we came out with a 'Little Discourage', 'Roseability' and
other similar songs."
It's now 1 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. Its going to be weird when the
gig finishes because when we walk out it'll still be daylight.
"It will be a bit weird," agrees Colin in a rather chilled manner. "We'll have to start drinking, shut our eyes and pretend it is night."
I could pretend that the gig never finished. Who am I kidding, I'll go home
and play the album.

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2000
All photography © Tom Sheehan
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