Darren adds more to the fact that the band found a new drummer in Simon Scott. "As far as I'm concerned particularly where we are at the moment
Simon's inclusion in the band was the utmost importance. When we recorded most of the album with Tony on drums it was such a relief to find a drummer who knew the kind of music and understood the music we wanted to play. He was also really good at harmonies which was the final part of our make up
and he could fit into the band perfectly which meant we finally got four equally strong personalities in the band."
Though word has it that Miles had some say on the production.
"Miles would say whether things were too quick or too slow," says Dan whilst glancing over his left shoulder at Miles.
"He's the King of stripping things down," admits Darren "Less is more with him. There has been many occasions where we have been working out a new song and we go 'why the fuck is this sounding so bad' and Miles is like 'there's far too much going on, strip it back and oooooh there's the song."
Did the problems with recording affect the naming of your album?
"We had that title before we began recording. It came from Dan's wonderful brain," announces Darren with a huge smile whilst singling him out with his
right index finger.
"It's a real English expression and a cricket position," explains Dan "It wasn't really a conscious thing to have it sound English and use a phrase that can be taken a number of different ways. A lot of people are saying that we are American sounding. I don't disagree with we are very influenced my American bands so it makes sense to stamp a little bit of nationality on it I suppose."
Only a few days into the band's first headline tour is it what they expected?
"We did have expectations for the tour," begins Dan. "This will be a warm up
for people who see us now to hopefully come back and see us later if the tour with Coldplay goes ahead. It's also an introduction to us in anywhere other
than London."
Someone mentions that it can be tedious with the London gigs virtually full
of A&R and industry folk. It's fair a comment and you can sense the band's eagerness to get out and about. >>
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