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Indeed, I better stop myself from going on. Luke switches sofas to help Rob while Joel enters the room. Discussions then begin between the band members on the course of the action for the rest of their free time.

"I haven't got a Scooby", comes the loud cockney cry from Luke as Rob reads aloud one of the questions. Some of the questions in the new interview are proving not to be too favourable and to prevent the interview becoming farcical it's suggested that the band go over it tomorrow. So it's break time. Grant has disappeared, Luke leaves the room talking on the phone and Joel and Rob decide to watch the Real Madrid vs Arsenal game.

After accidentally setting off the alarms at the venue Rob and I eventually make it to the pub. For the time being we've left Joel back in the dressing room to listen to some of the mixes that Ian's sent by email. Eventually he joins us half way through the first half. There's not much talk and if there is, it's of football.

At half time Joel reveals details of the band's experience on Soccer AM. "They kept calling Luke 'Robin Hood' because he kept his hat on all the time. The next thing you know there are shouts of 'Robin Hood' at the gigs. We were playing a new song and we didn't have a title for it. I asked the audience for one and someone shouted 'Robin Hood'. So we're calling it that."

After the match as I walk back to the venue with the two Hammers fans, we discuss the game's highlights but then the subject moves to the naming of their tour manager as 'Tron'. Between them they tell an anecdote but the details get lost later, over time and alcohol consumption.

However I don't forget that the debut album is expected around May, with or without Arsenal in the cup final.

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2006, Photography © The Rifles

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